Friday, September 14, 2007

AUTOBIOGRAPHY -- Only for famous persons?

Everyone of us surely would know about anyone famous person's history or atleast some important incidents happened in their life. We are all belive that their life is great,successful,achivement etc. Most of us dont know that there are lot of great ideas, thoughts, incidents from everyone's life are never come into world's eyes until their end of life. These incidents,ideas,thoughts etc.... may not known by any of others also. Another important fact is some lovely moments of everyone's life mostly may not known for anyother. Now the suggestion is everyone should write their "Autobiography" and should be saved in a centralised database [With images/videos also fine]. We know it is not very easy to write all the things in a night. So every one can take their own short time as much as possible. Also its not mandatory that everyone should put their life history. But it is really useful to those who want to share their life's sweet/bad momentsand ideas/thoughts[somethings which can be possible to do but not easy for them or until the end the may not have a chance for try or badluck etc.]. You can update it whenever you'd time [daily,weekly,monthly and yearly]. Everyone's Autobiography should have a title with their "Main name" and Subtitle with some key words which indicates their language/culture/dreams/department etc.
Bcoz it would make it easy to search a particular thing(s) from a megasize database like this.

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