Monday, March 19, 2007

It doesn't matter who you're, but you should be an citizen!!!!!!!

If you're an software engineer then you can't retrieve datums without store them in database
If you're an Account Manager you can't manage it without proper calculations.
If you're an student you can't read without books.
If you're an family man you can't run it without proper savings.

Then how rain comes without enough Trees in a country. It doesn't matter who you're, but as an citizen you should contribute to grow trees in your country.

As per our honourable president APJ ABDUL KALAAM's statement, If every Indian will plant 2 trees per head then witihin some years there would be 200 crore Trees in India.

Government has an easy way to do this. Government can announce that Everyone should plant a tree and it should have an unique identity number which is noted by that area's VAO. Every citizen is the responsible for the amount to buy that plant. Because if government issues the amount to them then there is a chance for doing frauds on number of plants and they may give preference less quality plants. So It's better to buy themselves and that amount will be returned by the government as things from Rations. For example those who had Ration cards for Kerosine then they can collect that amount as extra 1ltr or 2 ltrs of kerosine depends upon the rates[Which is decided by government] for that month only. Like the same you can collect extra rice/sugar etc..... Finally if they decide to cut that tree for their own purpose or anything, before that they should plant a new one.


Kamal said...

Hey...Govt ellathukkum solla mudiyadhu da...Namakke konkam Civic sence venum...But idhu oru nalla idea...Govt ku evlavo vela irukku...Enga surutalam...Yara Pazhi vangalam, ippadi neraiya...Idhula they have no time to think about trees...

dhana said...

Hi Yaar..
Nice to c ur site, am also one of d responsible citizen... am dhana ur friend.....C, am in Mechanical life..I mean, am also one of money minded peoples..Educated peoples concentrate only their time to think abut other than that....its not our mistake...becaz we knew, Education is the only key to aware about our unrecovered things for our nation...lot of Rules and Regulations are to awareness is dead slowing...Am obey our rules and regulations..regularly following that n near future my generations should follow that...i was tried some wht...feltbad...who cares...even if i dont knw ,wht kind of illegal probs are going r there in all over d world...atleast i would like to making me in safe na...iey...goback to my life...well...good luck..ur way of approching is may increase d strength of responsible citizens....cheers!