Thursday, March 1, 2007

Please answer if you know!!!!!!!

There is no license needed for the people to swim on river, sea, well, etc... If Government provide license for swimming then our people will get it by giving some money to the appropriate officers(as usual). But there is no use of it, because just having the license doesn't help them to swim. Only if you know to swim then only you can swim.

Now my question is why do we need license from Government to drive vechicles?. Because I'll drive a bike only after I know to drive that bike [including gear system, etc....]. Suppose I had license for drive heavy vechicles like "Lorry", "Bus" but I don't know how to drive them. Then what is the use of having that????????????????

Main use of issuing the license from goverment is that everyone should learn properly to drive, traffic signals and symbols.But 70% of the people have license by paying money to officers and get it illeagally.

So It's better to add these traffic rules and regulations into school subjects and questions from this subject should included into the exams. Thats more than enough I think....................


Ganesh said...

post yellaam ok. but, for an ajith fan like you, the title of this blog is tooooooooooo much.

Thamilzhan said...

Hi Karthi " I Really Appriciate you & You did Good Job "

Have you Sheet ? Sheet ? 12th & 10 th Mark Sheet ? I think you got my point,,, If you are going for Interview,,, You can tell I know this, I know that,,, First They need Paper work then only go to Next,,, Like Cv,,, I think its Enough for you,,, I am not hurt you here,,, This is my Comments for You,,,

" Ippadi Comments Paninathan oru Veri Varum,,, Appothan Nee Periya Aala Varuva,,, Nee Periya Aala Varanum Da " Ethukku SAC adikadi Failure Movie Kodukuran Vijaykku"

kavi said...

oru nall arambam initah tuvankattum
my dear bro pl add your website tell to vijay pig and sun music